How to Style Culottes // Stripes and Stilettos

Hellooo lovely readers! I hope you all have something spectacular in store for this three day weekend!


Today I bring you one of my most recent purchases. I was so excited when I found these pants, I immediately texted Addi and scheduled a shoot!

I have really always had a bit of a hard time with pants that are not high waisted denim. Most nice pants that I find are cut for women with slimmer hips and thighs and don’t fit how I would like them to. I have recently been finding more styles with this paper bag waistline and I love it! The style allows me to go up a couple sizes so the pants will fit in my thighs and just tie the waist line a bit tighter so the silhouette is flattering.

BUT when it comes to culottes, I never thought I would find myself purchasing a pair. But I also had never tried on a pair until I found these. So many of the bloggers and influencers that I follow shop and wear culottes all the time but I always thought the wide leg would weigh me down and be unflattering.

When shopping with my friend at Zara the other day, I found these pants tucked into a tight rack in the back corner of the store and was immediately drawn in by the stripes (I am obsessing over stripes atm). I would have never tried them on if they did not have the paper bag waist line and if my friend did not encourage me to!

Oh. My. Gosh. These pants are so ridiculously amazing. I absolutely love the fit, the comfort, and the stripes!!! (of course)

I have already worn them a couple times a few different ways and have found they are so versatile! I even almost wore them to a pajama party for a chic take on pj pants ahaha.

In this outfit, I chose to pair them with a simple white blouse like I have done before but to spice them up with some black stilettos and pull out the black in the stripes. With such a simple top and so much happening on my legs and feet, I focused on the accessories by adding a statement bag and my go-to cat eye sunnies.

Next time you notice a trend that you love on someone else but feel that you would be able to “pull it off” just try it!! Play around with the trend and add your own personal style to it to make yourself more comfortable. Stop looking at other people and saying “Oh I wish I looked good in those pants like they do” or “I wish I could be stylish like them” because you can be whatever you want to be. Choose to highlight all of your favorite characteristics and embrace everything beautiful about yourself! <3

This is your life, live it to its fullest and love every minute of it.



All photos by: Addi Payne Photos 

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