Back To My Roots

Hi there everyone!! I took a couple weeks off from posting because I had my wisdom teeth out, family in town, and a little trip to New Orleans this past weekend! I had intended to prepare content to post but I had no idea the wisdom teeth removal would knock me out as much as it did! Were approaching week 4 and I am still not back to normal!! But forget that, this has gone on for too long and I need to get back to work!

What else did you miss while I was being negligent to the blog?? I am a brunette now!! It really is my natural color but I have been putting balyage in my hair for the past six years and I have at least always had blonde highlights for as long as I can remember! This is the first time in so long that I am pretty close to my natural color.

Like always, I visited my friend Peyton at Stone House Salon and showed her my inspiration picture.


I have always been obsessed with Negin Mirsalehi‘s hair, it is sooo beautiful! I had no intention of going back to brunette anytime soon but when I saw this photo I thought, “hm, that looks like my natural hair color, I could do that!”

I immediately made an appointment with Peyton at Stone House and went in the next week despite my puffy cheeks and the bruises on my face from my surgery, ahahaha.

Of course Peyton asked a few questions on how I wanted it to look but I just sent her the photo and told her to do whatever she thinks is best (because she has never let me down). She pulled my natural color through and added some low-lights of one shade darker and one shade light to add some dimension.

Going brunette has been the best decision I have made for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

My hair constantly feels so healthy and looks so shiny and my blow drying routine has been cut in half! I am going to save so much money by just going in to get some dimension every now and then instead of bleaching all of my hair (which is a lot of hair).

I also love how it looks! With blonde hair, some days I would love it but some days it could look very brassy and I could never guess how it would look that day. Now, every day it looks good! I have been wearing it down more often instead of hiding it in a pony tail and I feel it also looks more voluminous now. (optical illusion probably but it’s fine)

I have a lot of hair and I have been through a lot with my hair. We have gone through a lot of trial and error together and I am starting to find some tricks and tools that work for the both of us. 🙂

In a couple weeks I will be sharing my hair care journey and how I have found the love of my (hair care routine) life and how I trained my hair to only be washed 2-3 times a week (and how that is not the best strategy for all hair types).

Until then, everyone go to visit Peyton for your color treatments, lash extensions, or makeup artist needs!

Xoxo, Rose

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